One-to-One Coaching

Online or in person for 2 hour sessions once per week for 12 weeks.

Good for the person who:

  • Would like clarity about their goals
  • Would like focus on their direction
  • Would like to develop an action plan
  • Would like to be held accountable for making forward movement
  • Would like to understand more about themselves
  • Would like to learn more about the negative beliefs holding them back and how to overcome them
  • Would like specialized one-on-one attention focused only on them

VIP Sessions

One-to-One Coaching in an intensive one-day session that lasts between 3 and 8 hours long. Must be in person.

Great for the person who:

  • Knows the obstacle standing in their way and is ready to slay it in one session
  • Knows their goal and just needs a clear path to obtain it
  • Is either ready to take all the action steps needed to accomplish their goal in one session or is ready to develop a personal action plan they will follow on their own after our session

Classes and Group Coaching

Online or in-person coaching that is a group of five or more.

Topics can be tailored to the audience or one of the following:

  • Transformation with Tanya – an 8 week journey that will take you through exercises to transform your life. You will be learn tools for helping with time and money management, create a vision for your future with a vision board, get grounded with your own personalized mantra, discover and tune into your life purpose, and learn how to overcome your negative beliefs.
  • Catapulting Into Your Best Life – an 8 week adventure into learning more about yourself and how to use the “stuff” of your past CATAPULT you into your best future instead of allowing it to hold you back!